Thank you friends!

Hello everyone!

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I have been reflecting a lot about things that are important in life: Health… family… finding a purpose... freedom… love… excitement… adventure… self-development…

So, I wanted to thank my team!

I think surrounding yourself with good colleagues at work is as important as other things on the list. We spend so much time at work. Our identity comes from work. Our best friends are made at work. I've always believed that the people you work with are what makes the job worthwhile, and you all proved me right.

One of the very rewarding aspects of building my private practice has been the interaction with a superb group of colleagues and friends. I'm proud to be working with all of you. I am lucky to work in an office with such caring, open-minded, funny, hard-working, and intelligent people. You are excellent clinicians and I never need to worry about the quality of work you do with our clients. Thanks for having my back.

Our last outing was to the Fox in the Box Escape Room. We got dressed as prisoners and had to break out of our cells and the prison. We were unstoppable! Andy aimed like a sniper. Darley was the perfect combination of muscle and brain. Yvonne connected the dots, opening the hidden door. Taren picked locks like she did it for a living. Lori was a master code breaker. We solved it like we were experts. I guess we are. Every day we do our best to help our clients in solving their problems, assisting them in navigating life’s hardships, and working to break free … from their own negative self-talk and self-judgment, from bad relationships, and from their own self-inflicted prison. Thanks for the incredible memories.

I'm grateful you're in my life.


Prisoners From left to right: Andy - “snake bite,” darley - “scar,” yvonne - “cuban,” taren - “chimichanga,” asta - “Princess,” and Lori - “spike!”

Prisoners From left to right: Andy - “snake bite,” darley - “scar,” yvonne - “cuban,” taren - “chimichanga,” asta - “Princess,” and Lori - “spike!”