Private practice set up and maintenance

Many mental health professionals have asked me how to start and run a successful private practice. When I opened Beautiful Mind Therapy, I had very little knowledge about running a business. I had some setbacks and did things that cost me time and money. Most of us go into the counseling field because we want to help people, but we don't have experience or knowledge base that is geared toward running a business. I wish I would have had someone to help me during this time. Over time, I learned firsthand what things I needed to accomplish in order to be profitable and grow a business. If you are contemplating setting up a practice, I am willing to share my expertise with you and help you grow. I want you to be able to call me one day and say that you have too many referrals and need to hire someone to help you! 

Please call me to schedule a consultation so I can help you achieve your professionals goals!