Are you dealing with chronic pain, feeling run-down, sad, or anxious more days than not? Maybe you have been struggling with a personal, professional, or performance goal and are looking for support in attaining that goal. Perhaps you are not sure what you are passionate about and feel like something is missing in your life. If any of this sounds like you and you want to team up with someone, then I would be glad to help!

My name is Andrew DeGregorio, but my clients call me Andy. I am a practicing psychotherapist (licensed clinical professional counselor or LCPC) with years of experience in working through mental-health issues related to anxiety, persistent depression, developmental delays, and psychosis. In the spirit of focusing upon wellness and best possible functioning, I use modern therapy techniques in order to foster growth and achievement.

I obtained my education through the clinical professional counseling program at Roosevelt University. I was focused on getting my master’s degree in clinical training, especially in the schools of cognitive and behavioral therapy, as well as humanistic and existential therapies. To ensure best-practice client care, it is often a part of our treatment to examine mind-body connections and work on many common areas of physiological and behavioral struggle that contribute to the maintenance of health issues, including sleep hygiene, diet and exercise, and stressors that accompany physical maladies and chronic pain. 

I have developed my experience with both young and aging adults in a community mental health setting for the past five years. Prior to this, I worked with adolescents in a residential setting due to the severity of their illnesses. With the broad array of people I have worked with over these time periods, I have found a passion for helping people to make lasting changes in their emotional and physical health, as well as to improve their understanding of themselves and those around them.

My style is one of collaboration. I firmly believe that the best work a person can do takes place in the context of a powerful professional relationship where self-esteem, warmth, and accountability are at the forefront. I see each one of my clients as a partner—someone that wants to work on her or his goals just as much as I do. I hope you will come in to meet me so we can begin working toward a better tomorrow!